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Wilderness Pack Trips

Black Otter Guide Service invites you to join us on one of our horseback pack-trips into wilderness areas of the spectacular Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness ranges of south central Montana which borders the north boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

Make several million acres of the west's finest wilderness your personal playground. Elk, deer, moose, mountain goat, bear and bighorn sheep inhabit this lovely area. Trout fishing is excellent. The topography varies from wooded mountain valleys, opening into spacious willow meadows frequented by moose, to high ridges and rugged peaks above timberline--the lofty homeland of mountain goats.

We feel that a wilderness camping trip is an experience to be enjoyed, not endured. Our horses meet the requirements of all riders from the beginner to the experienced horseman. We provide excellent service, good equipment, comfortable tents, congenial guides, and home-cooked meals with experienced cooks to assure that you will want to return and enjoy another wilderness trip with us in the future.

2019 Pack Trip Summaries

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Grizzly Creek Camp

July 10 through September 1

Seven-Day Trips

Three nights at Grizzly Creek and three nights at Buffalo Fork


Three nights at Slough Creek and three nights at Buffalo Creek

Ten-Day Trips

Three nights at Grizzly Creek, three nights at Buffalo Fork, and three nights at Slough Creek

Four-Day Trips

We start in Yellowstone Park from Slough Creek trailhead with three nights at either Buffalo Fork or Slough Creek


We welcome families, groups, & individuals.  Dates for summer trips are flexible, if you make reservations early.

Rates for summer trips are $300 per person per day.