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2018 Pack Trip Details

Join us on a safari by horse through the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains, an area just north of Yellowstone National Park, where streams and lakes abound with Cutthroat and Rainbow trout.  This is a beautiful area where towering peaks overlook pine and spruce forests and vast meadows of wildflowers.  Spanning nearly one million acres, it is the home of elk, bighorn sheep, moose, deer and mountain goats.

Grizzly Creek Camp

July 10 - August 30

We reach this semi-permanent tent camp in the heart of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area after a 16 mile ride over majestic Wallace Pass.  This is one of our most popular and spectacular areas with fine Cutthroat Trout fishing in nearby Carpenter Lake, Grizzly Creek and Hellroaring Creek.  We take four to seven day trips into this camp.

Travel Camps

July 21 - August 24

Buffalo Fork Camp

We ride from Grizzly Creek camp over spectacular Hummingbird Pass and down through Telephone Basin to our camp on Buffalo Fork Meadows.

Slough Creek Camp

We ride over Buffalo Fork Divide to get to our Slough Creek camp. You can fish the world famous Slough Creek for Cutthroat Trout, see Frenchy's historic homestead, and take rides to Cutoff Mountain.

We can also start trips for Buffalo Fork or Slough Creek at the Slough Creek trailhead in Yellowstone National Park.

We are offering several different options on these trips:

Seven-Day Trips

Three nights at Grizzly Creek and three nights at Buffalo Fork, or Three nights at Slough Creek and three nights at Buffalo Creek

Ten-Day Trips

Three nights at Grizzly Creek, three nights at Buffalo Fork, and three nights at Slough Creek

Four-Day Trips

We start in Yellowstone Park from Slough Creek trailhead with three nights at either Buffalo Fork or Slough Creek

We welcome families, groups, & individuals.  Dates for summer trips are flexible, if you make reservations early.

Rates for summer trips are $300 per person per day.

Rates listed do not include gratuities.